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The site has been created by the UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre (BRC) in cooperation with KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research/Vienna. The site is based on an “Inter-Municipal Cooperation Guide for Practitioners” prepared in 2009 jointly by UNDP BRC, the Council of Europe and the Local Governance and the Public Service Reform Initiative (LGPSRI) of the Open Society Institute/Budapest. The Guide is available for consultation and downloading in the “Resources” section of this site.

The site consists of the following main components:

  • Understanding IMC presents general information on the why, what and how of IMC, with specific reference to the Western European experience. It is relevant for those who want to acquire general knowledge about IMC.
  • Promoting IMC discusses the relevance of IMC in CEE, provides an overview of the Western European experience in its promotion, and provides general guidance on the main components of a national IMC promotion policy. This Part is particularly relevant for staff of central government and local government associations and aims at helping them design IMC promotion policies.
  • Establishing IMC contains a stage and step-by-step approach on how to initiate IMC and is aimed at municipalities that want to learn how to establish IMC. A word of caution is relevant here. The step-by-step approach contained in this site reflects one of the common ways of initiating IMC. Naturally, however, this short and generic site cannot possibly capture all the possible real-life scenarios that can lead to IMC.
  • Practices comprises of database of 37 IMC practices from 8 countries of CEE region presented in a standard format. The search mechanism allows finding and disaggregating the needed practice or group of practices using specific criteria like “country”, “service area”, “number of service areas, “legal form” etc.
  • Contacts consist of information about IMC practitioners and experts. Practitioners are those who have been involved in concrete IMC practices presented on the site and the experts are the persons with broader but theoretical knowledge of IMC.
  • Resources contains a data base of documents related to IMC disaggregated by different categories e.g. legislation, publications, projects as well as samples of IMC contracts and statutes.
  • Links provides direct access to the web-pages of organizations which have been involved in development of this web-site and its content.
  • Technical features such as “Add content” and “Help” allow to add additional IMC practices and other related documents as well as call upon “help” in case of technical problems. To add content there should be prior agreement with administrators of the site.

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