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There are various way to search and explore the content of this wiki.

Full text search

You can simply enter a search string in the box on the upper right corner. Clicking Go (or just Enter on the keyboard) will take you automatically to the article, if it exists. Search will search the text of all pages on the wiki. For further information, please refer to the help pages of MediaWiki at

Browsing practices

A very powerful tool is the Browse Practices page. Is has mainly three features:


If you click on one of the elements, a filter is set. E. g. when you click on the "Service Area" element "Solid Waste Management", all projects in the other sectors are not displayed any more. Clicking on the x removes a filter. Example of a filter


As a result of the filters, the names of the projects with the selected descriptions are displayed in an alphabetical list at the bottom of the Projects page.

Special searches

More experienced users can try one of the following options.

Browsing properties

Many pages that represent single entities (e. g. a practice page, an expert page, a country page) have properties that further describe the page content. You can view all the properties of a page when you click on "Browse properties" in the bottom navigation. You can further navigate through the content clicking on the magnifying glass or eye symbols.

Searching properties

Semantic search